Graphics are housed in a lightbox that projects light through the graphic, making it glow. This creates very intense and bright colors. They don't depend on ambient light and work great in darker areas like theaters, airports, sports venues, fast food, and drive-throughs. We house a specialized machine that combines front-lit and back lit graphics. This allows for an image that looks perfect when front-lit and glows clear and vibrant when back-lit, giving you a more practical graphic. Many offer a snap frame design making graphic changes quick and easy.



    Traditional: 4 color UV ink - 1.5 layers of ink Day/Night

    4 color + white UV ink - 3 layers of ink



    Standard: 8mil translucent film

    Day/Night: 30mil polycarbonate



    Traditional: 52” x 100”

    Day/Night: 48”x 96”



    Indoor: 5+ years

    Outdoor: 3 years (1 year unlaminated)



    Perfect for indoor applications where it is protected by a plexiglass lens.


    Laminated Standard

    Great for applications where the graphic needs to be better protected or more rigid.


    Day/Night Back-lit

    Ideal for outdoor applications where the graphic will also be lit from the front by the sun during the daytime.


    Day/Night Back-lit

    With our specialized white ink printing ability we can produce backlit graphics onto almost any clear substrate up to 2” thick. We can even make backlits with clear portions or areas where the graphic is hidden until the light box is on. Please call us to discuss your custom applications and remember if you think it isn't possible, chances are we can't wait to try it.

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