Our MultiCam 3000 CNC router allows us to cut custom shapes into wood, composite, PVC, aluminum, acrylic and much more. It is a vital tool in making many of our signs and displays. Prints can be oval, circular, or even contour cut to custom and complex shapes. We can cut virtually any shape with precision in almost any material imaginable (even solid aluminum). We can bevel, drill, slot, and engrave and inlay. We can cut 3D signage and dimensional lettering. We can even cut delicate vinyl lettering.


    Our CNC router a uses a computer and camera to scan the image before cutting it to ensure everything lines up perfectly (it has accuracy down to one thousandth of an inch).



    MultiCam 3000 CNC Router



    Router, Drag Knife, Kiss-cut Knife, Oscillating Knife



    50”x100” with a max thickness of 6”


    Our CNC routing abilities allow us to produce

    many different hanging and mounting

    hardware pieces specific to your exact application.

    There is a good chance if you can think of

    it we can make it happen.

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