A laminate is a thin clear film that has an adhesive on one side. Lamination is a great way to achieve different finishes and add longevity to the life of your prints by providing UV protection and waterproofing when applied correctly. We also offer Liquid Laminate which provides the same protection while eliminating the possibility of peeling.


    Matte Finish

    Drastically reduces glare on your image without compromising its color or vividness.


    Gloss Finish

    Gives your images a high photo quality sheen.


    Textured Finish

    Provides your piece with a highly durable and scuff resistant surface. Perfect for prints that will be used in high traffic, public areas and might be touched frequently (by accident or on purpose).



    Up to 63” wide and to almost any length.



    From 1.5MIL (.0015”) up to 15MIL (.015”)



    Laminate can add up to 2 years to the life of your prints.



    applying a laminate to the face of a print that has been mounted or printed to a rigid board.



    laminating both the front and back of flexible media.



    putting a laminate on the surface of a rigid board and then wrapping the excess laminate around the sides of the board and attaching it to the back.


    Specialty Options

    You can also find a variety of specialty laminates [such as dry erase, and floor graphic laminate] that you may find useful for upcoming project as well as many others.

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