We can post your project to our Planroom as either a public or private job. The public option allows any user to view and order from the job. With a private job, you can control access by only giving the password to authorized sub-contractors. Your sub-contractors can view drawings online and you and your sub-contractors can place orders directly from our Planroom, saving valuable time. We can send out e-mail notifications to all planholders of a job, notifying them about revisions, addenda, and other updates.


    Distributing plans and specs through Keith Fabry is fast and easy with our Planroom. It allows document publishing, management, ordering and distribution while streamlining communication for your construction projects. What’s even better, you don’t have to dig out a work order, find a fax number, or wait on the order because someone doesn’t have the information they need to print and deliver it.


    After placing your order online, it is emailed to you for review. Also, with a list of bidders you can see when orders were placed and for whom. As long as you have internet access you don’t even have to be in your office.

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