general FAQ

What are your business hours?

Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Please phone us to make arrangements if you need weekend work.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1420 Commerce Road, Richmond, VA 23224. From downtown Richmond, simply cross the Manchester bridge and continue 1.5 miles. We are on the left.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes! Please call (804) 240-4070 to schedule pickups and deliveries or to obtain price estimates for these services.

Where/when do you deliver?

We have a fleet of delivery vehicles whose drivers make rounds in the Richmond, Virginia area during our business hours. Please call (804) 240-4070 to inquire about delivery availability to a specific zip code.

Can you courier my printed material around the Richmond area to several locations?

Yes. Please specify a “split delivery” when placing your order.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We prefer UPS but can also ship via FedEx and USPS.

Do you carry USGS topographic maps?

Yes. We stock the entire map collection for the Commonwealth of Virginia — USGS 7.5 minute series 1:24,000 scale. The maps are priced at $6.60 each.

pricing FAQ

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

How can I get price estimates for orders?

Please call (804) 240-4070, email or or submit a Quote Request.

Who do I call with billing questions?

Please call (804) 240-4070 and ask to speak to “bookkeeping”.

When do rush charges apply?

Rush charges may apply for jobs with fast turnaround requests. Please call or e-mail us to discuss your concerns about rush charges.

What is the price of your color copies?

The first 8½ x 11″ copy of each original is $1. Each additional 8½ x 11″ copy of the same original is $0.50. The first 11 x 17″ copy of each original is $2.00. Each additional 11 x 17″ copy of the same original is $1.00.

How can I apply for an account with Keith Fabry?

Please download the Credit Application PDF, print it out, fill in your information, and scan and email it to

File FAQ

What file types you use?

We prefer high-resolution PDF (Portable Document Format) files but can accept almost any digital file type.

What types of files work best for AutoCad® plotting?

PDF files are preferred; PLT, DWF, LDF, and CAL files are also accepted.

Can you work with AutoCad® DWG files?

Sorry, we cannot accept DWG files; please save the drawing(s) as PDF files before submitting.

How can I protect my files during transmission?

You can protect your files during the upload process by compressing (zipping) them. Compression will prevent file corruption.

My file for output is very large; it’s too big for me to e-mail. How can I get this to you?

You can upload the file or arrange to send physical media to us. We accept almost any kind of modern portable media including digital camera media, USB jump drives, and external drives. If you’re not sure about something, please feel free to call and ask!

Can you transfer files electronically for me?

Yes – anywhere and to anyone. Please include detailed transfer instructions.

Why is it important to convert to PDF?

A correctly generated PDF will include all of the typefaces (fonts) and images used in your document, thus simplifying the whole process for you and for us. Our output devices are tuned to print PDFs so by using the Portable Document Format you are ensuring the highest quality transfers with the fastest possible turnaround times.

What changes might occur when my file is saved as a PDF?

Be sure to view your PDF in the Adobe Reader software and check for correct sizing, resolution, fonts, line and letter spacing, etc. What you see in the PDF is what will be output.

How can I create a PDF?

Many applications can export files as PDF. This may be in the “Save As” menu or in the “Export” menu.

I was sent a PDF file which I need printed. How can I make text changes?

PDFs are editable in Acrobat Professional from Adobe Systems. We can assist you in making minor alterations for a nominal fee.

Can you alter a file that I have already sent you?

Yes. We can make your file print ready for either no charge or for a nominal fee.

Can you archive my work for future printing?

Yes, we maintain a full backup system and can retrieve work from the archives.

Do you offer color correction on output?

Yes, we offer standard and extensive color correction options.

Do you offer image manipulation?

Yes. Please contact us for more information

production FAQ

What are your normal turnaround times?

Please allow at least 3 business days’ notice for color orders and at least 4 business hours notice for black and white orders.

What are your size limitations on color printing?

Up to 80″ x 180” for roll material. Up to 48″ x 96” for printing direct to a rigid substrate. Please contact us details.

What print processes do you offer?

We offer black and white, spot color, full color (applies to 2-color prints), and white ink processes and can work with both RGB and CMYK content. If you require assistance in preparing your files for print, feel free to contact us.

Do you print double-sided copies?

Yes. We can print double-sided black & white and color copies up to 13″ x 19″ (no bleed). We cannot print double-sided large format copies on a single sheet of paper but we can mount two sheets back-to-back. Some of our board media allow double-sided printing.

Can you scan to an electronic file?

Absolutely. Be sure to let us know what size, DPI, and file format you require.

To what maximum dimensions can you scan originals?

Our scanner will accept flat paper media up to 40″ x 96″. We can also scan originals mounted to substrates up to ½” in thickness!.

E-commerce FAQ

Please read through the FAQs below for information on production, delivery, and file setup as it relates to E-Commerce order. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

How soon will my order be ready?

Very fast… It’s in our name so it kind of has to be, right? But in all seriousness, orders can be ready for pickup in a little as 4 hours and delivered to most ZIP codes in and around Richmond in a little as six hours. For more information check out our Job Completion Estimator for a detailed breakdown of all pickup and delivery options.

What's the catch, will my order really be ready that fast?

There is no catch, we just require that your uploaded files are to scale and ready to print. We stand by our Job Completion Estimator and guarantee orders will be on time provided that requirement is met. Some of the faster turnaround options are available for an additional fee. For more information check out our Job Completion Estimator for a detailed breakdown of all pickup and delivery options.

What are your delivery charges?

This varies based on your location but ranges from $65 to free. For more information check out our Job Completion Estimator for a detailed breakdown of all pickup and delivery options.

Do I have to give you print ready files?

In order for us to meet the time shown in the Design Services page.

Are these products all that you make?

Absolutely not. However they are the main products that we can product with such quick turnaround. Given more time, we can print at larger sizes and create custom signs and displays. Check out the main categories of our website for more information. Looking for tradeshow displays? Check out KeithFabry Tradeshow for more information on that.

How do I setup my files?

We prefer files to be setup without bleed or crop marks, because they generally have to be trimmed out individually. Some products have design templates on the product page. We can accept PDF, JPG, and TIFF files.

Will I receive a digital proof for approval?

Digital proofs by email are available for an additional charge.


I don't see the size I need, can you still do it?

For items that are prints only, yes. Usually all you have to do is select the next size up and put in the notes the actual size you want. So for example if you want a 22″ x 36″ foamcore print, just select 24″ x 36″ and let us know in the notes that you want it to be 22″ x 36″. Items that have hardware, like bannerstands and tents, are available as special order in other sizes. If you’re unsure, simply contact us by email or by calling (804) 240-4070 before placing your order.

What is the minimum order surcharge?

We have a minimum order amount of $19.99. If your order subtotal is under $19.99 (before pickup/delivery fees), a surcharge will appear at checkout to bring your order up to that minimum. Alternatively, you can add additional prints to your cart to reach the minimum order amount.

How can I set up tax exemption for my organization?

New tax exempt customers and existing tax exempt customers from before 1/1/2022 must email tax documents to Once you have done this, you can select Tax Exempt at checkout and enter your Tax Exempt ID to have taxes removed. Orders will not print until tax documents are received. You only need to email your tax files with the first order you place on this site. By selecting Tax Exempt, you accept all legal responsibility to prove your tax exempt status. Any misuse of the Tax Exempt option puts you at risk of prosecution in accordance with state and local laws.