Craving a better way to draw in foot traffic to your restaurant or café? Custom sidewalk signs are an extremely effective, proven way to capture the attention of hungry customers.

The Benefits of Using Custom Sidewalk Signs

Custom sidewalk signs are some of the simplest and most effective ways to get your menu in front of hungry shoppers. You may even catch them before they realize they are hungry and drive them straight into your restaurant or café. Here’s why sidewalk signs are worth every penny.

They Attract Attention

You have some seriously tasty food on your menu, so why not put it out there for people to see? Sidewalk signs with images of your most delicious menu items will get people’s mouths watering.

People going for a stroll might not even notice your restaurant or café is there. A custom sidewalk sign gives you incredibly cost-effective advertising by increasing your visibility. Having a great sidewalk sign helps you stick out in people’s minds.

They’re Portable

Sidewalk signs are easy to move around because they’re so lightweight. You can move them between inside and outside depending on weather conditions, the volume of foot traffic, and other factors.

They’re Customizable

You have so many choices when it comes to sidewalk signs that it might be hard to decide! The customizable options that come with sidewalk signs means that you can get the message across exactly how you want. 

You can print on both sides, and customize how your sidewalk sign is going to look – from the images on the sign to the wording. You can choose between a permanent sign and the flexibility of a chalkboard or whiteboard sign.

They Can Be Used Again and Again

A custom sidewalk sign is a one-time cost, but your investment will last day-in and day-out, capturing the attention of hundreds or thousands of potential customers as they pass by. 

If you choose a whiteboard or chalkboard sidewalk sign, you’ll even be able to change up the messages and images displayed on your sign to fit with seasonal events, times of the day, or changes to the menu. This makes your sign even more cost-effective. 

RVA Fast Print can print sidewalk signs that will increase visibility for your restaurant or café. Choose from awesome options like rigid PVC A-Frame Signs or Rigid PVC Sandwich Boards. Your customers won’t be able to resist grabbing a bite.