Schools like to establish a strong sense of community in their students. They want to be an institution their students can be proud of, and this requires strong branding strategies. An appealing and powerful brand image will help students embrace the school’s identity. Speak with an experienced graphic designer to help you come up with attractive school branding ideas.

How to Establish a Strong School Brand?

Every school has a logo and brand, but they’re not effective if students or visitors can’t see them. Wall and floor decals can make the logo more visible in high-traffic areas. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Close up: Spot On adhesive vinylHallways – Schools can install branding material on hallway walls and floors. Students or visitors will notice these decals immediately and become more aware of the brand.
  • Locker Rooms – Locker rooms are a great place for wall and floor decals as well, especially if these decals represent school sports teams. They can encourage a sense of loyalty or belonging in students.
  • Classrooms – Children spend most of their time in classrooms, which makes them an ideal place for school logos or slogans. Wall decals are the perfect fit for this space.

Placing school decals in highly visible locations will ensure the school environment has a strong brand presence.

How to Use Floor and Wall Decals in Your School? 

Floor and wall decals are versatile installations that can be used for multiple purposes. Here’s a look at some of the most common uses:

  • Wayfinding Signs – Wayfinding decals will help students and visitors navigate the complex effectively. They can direct people towards restrooms, locker rooms, teacher’s lounge, cafeteria, etc. These signs are particularly useful for people with disabilities, allowing students in wheelchairs to find their way easily.
  • Identify Specific Areas – Wall and floor decals can be used to identify different areas on the property like classrooms, labs, buildings, gyms, and other such locations.
  • Motivational Signs – Students can sometimes feel down or discouraged in school. Motivational signs can help lift their spirits and encourage them to keep moving forward. These signs can also help children perform better in all aspects of their education.

If you want to install good-quality floor or wall decals, contact a reliable printing company with experience in the field. They will have the skills and technology needed to create the best possible prints. They will also provide creative school branding ideas that deliver the right message.