Every school has a distinctive brand identity, and one way to instill pride in that identity in your students and in your staff is to get floor decals and wall decals installed. These custom vinyl graphics and graduation lawn signs can be applied in classrooms, hallways, locker rooms, and just about any other area of your school.

Ways to Use Wall and Floor Decals in Your School

There are many different ways to use wall and floor decals in a school setting, and you can create the type of graphics and messaging you want. Some ways you can include these in your school are:

Graduation Lawn Signs

  • Wayfinding signs to indicate where specific rooms and areas are
  • Directional signs
  • Signs to identify rooms such as the gym, labs, buildings, etc.
  • Motivational decals are an amazing way to add color and uplift the look and feel of a space.

No matter what types of decals you opt for, it’s a good idea to keep your school branding in mind. Every educational institution has certain values and culture, and all the areas of their premises should reflect these. Therefore, when you are having floor decals printed, focus on including your school branding ideas in them. The professionals you hire for the job will also provide their input and guide your choices, so you get the perfect decals for different settings.

Customized Wall and Floor Decals

It’s a good idea to use your school logo, colors, and messaging clearly in areas like entryways and hallways. Opt for large and colorful decals for gym floors to create a unique, sporty look that also motivates students using that area. There are many non-slip materials available. These help to make smooth floors safer for use in your school.

Get decals with borders and stunning colors. Skilled graphic designers have the creativity to design and plan the best decals based on your branding and messaging needs. Install well-designed wall decals with motivational messages or information regarding events as well.

These vinyl decals are durable and long-lasting, but they can also be removed very easily without causing any damage to the wall or floor surfaces. Choose your decals carefully, ensuring that the sizes, shapes, colors, and printing are suitable for a specific area. Hire skilled and experienced professionals for the installation so they will look great and last a long time. These features are a great way to boost pride and spirit in your students.

Graduation Lawn Signs

The class of 2021 deserves an extra level of celebration after managing to graduate during a pandemic!!! Celebrate and honor each graduate with a custom graduation lawn sign.

Lawn signs are a great way to create a celebratory, fun, and engaging call to action. Place signs that say “Honk for our Graduate!” or a slogan that reflects your graduate and their accomplishments. Some options include photos of the graduate or other images to make the graduation sign personal to your graduate.