Brand identity is incredibly important. It makes your brand recognizable and helps you stand out above the crowd. For craft brewers and home brewers looking to maximize sales and build a loyal audience, creating custom bottle labels is a must.

Considerations for Custom Bottle Labels

Your custom bottle label needs to not only fit your brand but also needs to fit your bottle. Make sure it flows and carries a shape and a size that is pleasing and has the right personality to stand out on the shelves. beer bottle and can labels print at Keith Fabry in Richmond

It Gives Your Products Personality

Every beer bottle label should reflect the beer’s personality. The label should attract people to the bottle and entice them to drink the beer inside. They should also represent what your company is about and your brand values.

Use Your Brand Colors

Being consistent with your brand colors is key to keeping a strong brand identity. Using your specific brand colors on your custom bottle labels means people can recognize it as your brand as soon as they see it. The whole packaging should look visually attractive and professional to catch people’s eyes and make them want to try your beer.

Include Essential Information

Your custom labels should also include essential information about the beer. These are things like the name, type of beer, percentage of alcohol, and a short description of the flavor. Placing the name somewhere visible on the bottle helps to reiterate your brand identity and enables people to spot your beer easily. It’s important to add the flavor description, so people know whether or not they will enjoy your beer.

Choose the Shape, Style, and Size

With our custom bottle labels, you can choose from a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit your bottle. Whatever label you think best represents your beer. You want the shape to fit the bottle, and the colors to reflect your brand. Continuity is important. Your label should match all other branding and promotional materials. 

Get in touch with us today to see what kind of custom bottle labels we can make for your beer to make it stand out above the crowd.