When you visit a mall, it’s a shop’s signage that announces its location and draws your attention. Every business understands that their logo sign is the first impression of their brand and how important it is to invest in custom signs to make them stand out and attract new customers.

If you’re presenting at a tradeshow, you’re going to need the right stage branding to attract people to your booth. These signs can include anything from 3D logos and posters to banner stands to create a visually attractive and engaging presentation.

Custom signs are a necessity in today’s competitive market. Here are some of the presentation materials that you can customize and take along with you to tradeshows to make a more memorable presentation using full branding displays.


At trade shows you need the right stage branding to attract people to your booth

A catchy logo with a distinct font style will communicate your brand message, value, and culture and ensure your brand name is imprinted in people’s minds for a long time. Displaying a 3D logo behind your stall or at the stage’s center will make your brand stand out from the competition and gain the traction needed to convert casual onlookers into paying customers.


Probably the best reason you should invest in custom signage is that it faithfully announces your identity to all those who visit your stand and to those who only receive your materials from a friend or acquaintance. It pays to have well-designed posters so they can advertise your business to all those who take the advertisement with them and all those who read it alongside them, giving you a wider reach.

Banner Stands

An ideal banner stand should display your company logo, contact details, offers, and some design elements to gain attraction. Banner stands signs are cost-effective because you only have to pay for them once. They require minimal repairs and usually last for years to come. You can just pack them and take them to trade show presentations.

Final Thoughts

Custom displays and signs are a fantastic way to advertise your brand while giving engaging tradeshow stage presentations. For more information about designing your custom signs, feel free to contact us at KeithFabry today.