Summer is the time when stores everywhere are preparing for more revenue and foot traffic. However, the new consumer environment has deviated from the ordinary, which means you, as a company owner, must go above and beyond to draw buyers and boost profits. Although there are many ways to promote discounts, offers, and events, window graphics remain a firm favorite for businesses that operate out of brick and mortar locations.

The Advantages of Window Graphics

Now is the time to consider event advertising materials and techniques that involve window graphics. There are several reasons to use these, such as:

  • Exterior view: Opaque adhesive window graphic for business window-frontThese promotional tools are extremely successful at drawing passersby’s interest and enticing them to enter your shop. 
  • They are tried-and-true marketing methods that you can install quickly and conveniently on your store windows. 
  • Custom window graphics are advantageous for summer and holiday sales.
  • Customized designs with specific tag lines and the branding integrated into the layout will increase the impact of these signs.
  • You can also choose between perforated and opaque vinyl graphics for windows to add excitement and make the signs more appealing.
  • These graphics are easy to apply and remove, and they leave no traces or degrade the surfaces of your windows in any way. It means you can quickly replace or uninstall them at the end of your summer sales.

Tips to Create the Right Window Graphics

Here are some helpful hints to design these features:

Although window graphics are powerful, you must ensure that they are impactful, which requires designing them with meaning and attention to detail. Some things to focus on are:

  • Color, fun graphics, and eye-catching notifications can be used to create eye-catching window graphics.
  • Use signature fonts and colors to add the brand identity to summer sales window graphics. Look for design features that are closely related to your brand and business, as well as your products and services.
  • Communicate genuinely and think about what you might mean rather than “summer selling.” Overall, you want to stand out from the crowd and outperform your rivals.

Discuss your needs with professional graphic designers to figure out how to personalize window graphics. Avoid crowding the surfaces and emphasizing all of the essential details.

Professional graphic designers will provide feedback to ensure that the brand message is reflected in the vinyl stickers they produce and install for you. In addition to window graphics, we also design and install decals, wayfinding signage, product labels, and more. For additional information about how our graphic designers can help with the best signage options, please visit our “Home Page”