Advertising signs show your company’s unique personality. There’s nothing wrong with using straight, rectangular, medium-sized signs, but why should you resemble every other brand? Think out of the box. Stand out from the crowd. Use a uniquely shaped, custom sign!

Ideas For Using Customized Signs in Shape and Size

How far can you go when you think of customized signage for your business? Consider a sign shaped like a cup of coffee outside a coffee shop, an arrow being used to show direction, a dog-shaped sign outside a veterinarian’s clinic, a silhouette of multiple animals, or a huge blown-up version of a house-shaped sign outside a realtor’s office.

How Else Can You Use Cut-to-Shape Signs?

Creating customized signage begins with a brainstorming session

You can reinforce your branding when you use a customized sign that’s tailored to your business’s personality.

  • Cut your sign to match your logo or mascot to leave a lasting impression on the general public.
  • Use your product as an inspiration for your custom sign.
  • Enhance your sign by adding a decorative border or a silhouette.
  • Use two boards with an arrow sign extending from one board to another.
  • Use a custom shape, size, color, and material to give your sign or logo a unique identity.

How to Manufacture a Customized Signage?

Creating customized signage begins with a brainstorming session between the client and the designer. After they decide on a design, shape, size, and material, a prototype is created to give the client an idea of their chosen design in real life. After you finalize the cost and sign your approval, the designer will start creating your customized signs.


Custom-shaped signs are a guaranteed way to grab attraction – which is the whole point of getting a sign! Contact us at KeithFabry to place an order and customize signs in shape and size today.