Small business owners have been adapting on the fly to continue operating under the regulations made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some businesses are able to reopen, but many entrepreneurs are struggling to make up for the losses of the past few months. And if you run a bar or a gym, you’ll be waiting even longer to open up again. These resources will help you make the most of this phase of reopening and focus on expanding your business.

The Reopening Process

Are you finally ready to open your doors again? If your state is allowing you to return to business as usual, here’s how to start off on the right foot.

  • If you are bringing employees back into the building after months of remote work, establish safety protocols immediately so that you do not have an outbreak. 
  • Start an email marketing campaign to alert your long-time customers about reopening dates and upcoming sales.
  • Consider other tactics for increasing revenue, like social media marketing or offering something for free to loyal customers. 
  • If you have yet to file for your LLC with the state, now is the time. Doing so keeps your business compliant and ensures your personal assets are protected.

Optimize Company Technology

Even with restrictions loosening up in various states, you should still focus heavily on conducting business virtually. 

  • It’s time to redesign your website so that new customers can easily find you online.  
  • Establish an e-commerce store for customers who aren’t prepared to leave their homes just yet, but still want to shop.
  • Consider implementing new retail management software so you have a single platform to help organize POS inventory, ecommerce, customer loyalty and more. 
  • With a mobile app, your customers can shop on the go and patronize your business no matter where they are.

Polish Up Your Physical Space

Want your customers to feel welcomed when they step inside your store again? Get ready to clean and renovate your space. 

  • Make your space pop with banners, signs, and labels. Keith Fabry can help you with all of your printing needs!
  • Make sure that all of your employees and customers are protected from COVID-19 by cleaning your retail space before reopening.
  • Draw customers toward displays of products you hope to sell quickly, and place them based on customer movement patterns. 

Small business owners everywhere have felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to chart a path forward through challenging times like these. But if you consult informative resources, you’ll be able to transform your retail store, become more visible on virtual platforms, and attract more customers to your business.  

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Article by Elena Stewart,