There are different types of presentation tool materials available on the market, and foam core prints are widely used by companies across various industries. These lightweight boards are versatile, and you can get custom prints based on your needs. They are the ideal presentation tools, and you can print different designs and content on them.

When you are ordering foam core prints, it’s crucial that you hire the services of expert designers that have the experience to design the perfect prints. You can use them in an office setting or even at conferences and seminars.

Benefits of Foam Core Prints

There are several advantages to using foam core prints, and here we look at what some of these are:

  • There are different types of foam core boards available, and you can select the sizes, shapes, and number of folds you need.
  • It’s possible to include different key ideas to create a better impact during your presentations.
  • You can use these along with digital mediums to make a good impression on your audiences.
  • Many companies and businesses also use them as standalone visual displays, and they are effective in that manner too.
  • It becomes possible to present the information in a variety of ways depending on the audience. For example, a random display can sometimes look as unique and impactful as an organized one.
  • The content and images on the foam core prints become conversation-starters among the audience and encourage interaction.
  • When presenting something to a smaller group, you can ask all the participants to sit in a closer circle while you convey the information to them.

Design Aspects to Keep in Mind 

If you want to get the most out of your foam core prints, you must pay extra attention to certain aspects, including:

  • Select boards of the right size and based on the room where you are holding the presentation.
  • Select attractive colors, graphics, and fonts of the right size.
  • Make sure there is the right balance of images and text.
  • The images and graphics you choose should reflect your brand image.

You can discuss your ideas and requirements with the graphics designers, and they will provide their inputs. Foam core prints can be a great way to convey information and ideas during important presentations. Skilled professionals will ensure that these tools are up to standard in design and print quality.