Branding your interior with art prints and posters creates a more inviting and pleasant atmosphere for customers/clients, employees, and your family alike.

Quality wall art helps you create the right ambiance for your office, business, or home and makes any building more pleasurable. There are several types of fabric prints that you can invest in when figuring out how to upgrade your interior decorations or make your branding more visible to attract the target audience you’re aiming for.

Gallery Wraps

Gallery wraps are prints that see the canvas fabric stretched over the frame. The canvas fully covers the stretcher bars and is fastened to the frame from the back. It’s hand-stretched, and staples are distributed evenly throughout, giving your print greater longevity.

Using gallery wraps is ideal whenever you’re looking to hang art in a room in your house or the main lobby of your office.


fabric prints and poster prints at Keith Fabry, RichmondA good poster is bold, has information perfectly placed on it to advertise your brand, and has a well-placed logo that’s perfectly sized to make your brand stand out more. You can also use posters in your home to add a bit of nuance to your home.

Photo Prints

Good photo prints preserve your memories and can be hung around anywhere in your home. Additionally, they add a more personal touch to the home or brand.

You can use a Matte photo print, sublimation print, or lenticular printing when you do a photo print.

Canvas Wraps

Canvas wraps are fabric prints that use professional photo paper that manufacturers bond on canvas deemed museum quality. It’s perfect for homes or studios and, like gallery wraps, is hand-stretched and perfect for holding up your favorite paintings and art pieces.

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