What do you do when you get to the event and your booth doesn’t stand out? You have customers walking by, but they don’t even give you a second glance, let alone take time to stop and learn more about your product or service. If you want to be successful at your next trade show or convention, it’s essential that you plan ahead to ensure you have custom trade show signs and displays that get noticed. Here are some things to consider when designing trade show booth displays.

Ways to Get Noticed

You want to make sure your company gets noticed above all else at a trade show, which is why it’s essential to bring custom signs and displays. Whether you’re showing off your latest innovations or serving up free samples, you want everyone to know who you are. Even if potential customers don’t approach your booth immediately, they’ll remember that they saw something interesting nearby — it might just be enough to motivate them to stop by later.

Types of Trade Show Displays

There are a variety of trade show signs and displays to choose from when you’re designing your booth. When you’re planning for a trade show, it helps to know what type of display would best suit your business needs. Some popular options include custom banners and flags, which can be hung outside of your booth or attached to a pole. If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to draw attention, then hang up custom banners or attach a colorful flag outside of your booth space. If you want something more permanent (and easy to transport), opt for one of our high-quality custom signs instead that are placed on or near your table or booth. Another option is pop-up displays

Designing Your Booth

There are a number of factors to consider when designing your booth. First, what type of booth will you have? Will it be an open or closed booth? A basic booth, or one that has interactive elements such as a stand-up area for presentations? Will you set up a row of booths next to each other, or will you have a unique location like being on stage?  Next, where will your booth be located in relation to others? If you’re in a row of booths, what do they look like and how do they relate to yours? Are there any interesting design features nearby (such as a tall building or another company’s display)? You want to make sure that your booth stands out without being distracting. What’s more important than anything else, though, is ensuring that your design fits your brand.