Using short-term outdoor signage is a good solution for promoting your business at summer events and capitalizing on the bigger numbers outdoors during the warmer months.

With so much going on in the summer, and considering your budget, short term outdoor signage is a viable option for your business to consider as you get your name out there as a small business or attract a greater clientele for your established business.

What is Short-Term Outdoor Signage Good For?

Short term outdoor signage is ideal for a host for summer events ranging from festivals to fairs. You can also advertise your business using short-term outdoor signage at exhibitions and other significant public events where you know a good amount of people will be attending throughout the summer.

One of the types of short term outdoor signage you can use for your business is a banner stand. Banner stands are printed promotional signs and posters that can stand up to the outdoor weather, whether it is balming hot or raining. You can also use sidewalk stands which are similar printed signs/posters that allow people to walk or drive by the entrance of an event to see your poster.

If you have a booth at a public event like a marathon, festival or fair, you should consider getting a table runner. Showcasing your brand logo and information, table runners can make your booth look professional and complete. The more attractive your booth is, the more people are likely to come over and take a look at the products/services you’re offering.

You can also hang banners representing your brand or business, making you more visible and with your company name spelt out in bold or colorful lettering to make people take notice.

Check out our collection of table runners and banners to help make your business stand out at your next local event.