When it comes to marketing your business, you need to think outside the box in order to be noticed by the people around you. A lot of small businesses struggle to compete with the bigger brands in their local landscape because those businesses can’t afford billboards or other huge forms of advertising. So, how can you get your brand in front of the public without breaking the bank? Well, sidewalk signs are one great way to do that! With just a little effort, you can make sidewalk signs that will expose your brand to twice as many people and help to bring in new customers!

What are Sidewalk Signs

The best kind of sidewalk sign is one thats animated brightly colored and eye catching

Sidewalk signs and banners are among some of simplest and most effective ways to reach customers on foot. To take advantage of sidewalk advertising, you’ll need a way to display your logo, slogan, or message in a prominent location. Sidewalk signs come in many different sizes and styles, so you can have high visibility without breaking your budget.

Types of Sidewalk Signs

The best kind of sidewalk sign is one that’s animated, brightly colored, and eye-catching. KeithFabry can provide your business with a wide variety of signs to choose from. In fact, you can have your own custom model made according to your specifications! There are three types of signs that have proven popular over time: a-frame signs, hanging flat signs and vertical banners.

A lot of small businesses balk at spending money on signage. After all, with so many bigger brands already in your neighborhood, it can be hard to compete for public attention. And what if you put up a sign only to find that nobody looks at it? Smaller businesses can get their name out there in a way that larger brands can’t. Sidewalk signs are a low-cost solution that allows even micro businesses to be seen by thousands more people each day and with little to no disruption of traffic flow. At KeithFabry we are ready to help your business grow!