Modern technology has changed the way we communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and customers. It is easy to send a chat message or an email from your phone or computer if you want to say something or offer seasonal greetings. While these methods of communication are quick and efficient, they aren’t as personal or impactful. That’s one reason why many businesses still use postcards for special occasions instead of sending a simple email.

Personal Touch 

Richmond photo with building reflecting in the james river
A great picture of a landscape or landmark can look great on a personalized postcard

Business postcards have been around for several decades and are still popular, despite the advent of rapid digital communications. Sending personalized postcards to customers has several advantages, including:

  • Pleasant Surprise – Few companies go through the effort of sending personalized mail these days. This form of direct communication is a great way to stand out and catch a prospective customer’s attention. They will recognize the effort that goes into it and trust your company more as a result.
  • Personal Touch – Modern consumers value experiences and like personalized attention from brands. They will be more loyal to companies that send them direct communications tailored to their interests. For example, a company sending seasonal greetings with a Jewish theme to a Jewish client will garner more appreciation than a generic Christmas email.

As you can see, business postcards are an effective way to communicate and promote your brand. 

Purpose of Postcards 

Postcards are a great investment because they serve different purposes. You can use them for promotional campaigns or to simply say thank you. Here’s a look at the purpose of these business postcards: 

  • Alert clients to new products and services through direct mail.
  • Announce sales, events, and promotions on time to influence purchase behavior.
  • Show appreciation by offering thank you cards, especially to long-term clients or business associates.
  • Improve customer retention by sending direct and personalized messages to customers.
  • Ensure your brand is always on the customer’s mind.

Contact a reliable printing company and discuss different styles of business postcards with them. An expert will look at factors like industry, target audience, competitors, products, and services before recommending effective solutions.