Window Graphics are colorful, bold, and visually appealing. They immediately grab people’s attention, especially if you choose the right design. A business can boost its brand presence, gain more visibility, and get past the competition with attractive window graphics. A relevant and informative design will convince people to walk into your store and trust your brand.

Importance of Branding the Building Façade 

Exterior view: Opaque adhesive window graphic for business window-frontThe first thing people see when they walk up to a business is the building’s façade. They see the wall, windows, and doors even when they’re just passing by, which means these structures are primary real estate. They are very visible and provide the ideal platform for window graphics.

Most customers are wary of approaching buildings that don’t have clear branding on the front. You need to make sure the store name and logo is clearly visible on the façade. The windows provide a good opportunity to showcase the business’s logo, contact information, products or services, slogan, and even business hours. A well-designed window graphic will awaken a prospective customer’s curiosity and encourage them to walk into the store.

If you want to ensure the façade is appealing and relevant, maintain consistency in design. Make sure the window graphics match your brand aesthetic clearly. That will help establish a strong brand presence and make you memorable.

Types of Window Graphics 

There are different kinds of window graphics available to business owners. You can choose something that suits your branding requirements and building façade. Some of the most common styles include:

  • Simple Border Design – A simple border design gives a window an elegant touch, providing a perfect frame for your logo or brand graphics. You can choose from a wide range of border design options starting from minimal single stripe borders to intricate embellishments.
  • Sales and Events – You can announce sales and events through temporary window graphics. These signs are easy to apply and get off, which makes them ideal for special occasions. For example, if you’re running a special holiday sale, install graphics on the window that announce it to everyone passing by.
  • Privacy Screen – Some businesses want to provide their customers with some privacy by installing a privacy screen window graphic. This sticker ensures your customers can see through the window, but people passing by can’t see inside.

Hire a reliable printing company for window graphics. As mentioned before, a store’s façade is one of its most important assets. A bad design will alienate your customers and harm your brand reputation. Consult with experienced graphic designers about the window sign style and aesthetic. They will consider your brand, products, target audience, and even the store’s architecture before offering their design recommendations.