Photographs are a great way to preserve precious memories. Most people like to decorate their homes and workspaces with interesting images of their wedding, graduation, achievements, children, and loved ones. You can make these images extra special by turning them into photo deluxe prints. These prints are eye-catching, durable, and ideal for home or office décor. 

What Are The Characteristics of Photo Deluxe Prints? 

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A great picture can enhance your home office or commercial space

The deluxe prints are created using a unique method developed in-house to create an impactful image. Your photograph is reverse printed on a transparent polycarbonate panel, and then the panel is mounted on a rigid board. The polycarbonate panel is crystal clear with a glossy finish that enhances the quality and appearance of any photograph.

The rigid board backing ensures you can mount the photograph on any wall without problems. It keeps the frame stable and makes the image durable. The photo deluxe prints are an excellent choice if you want to preserve an image for decades. 

Flexible and Customizable 

The photo deluxe prints have a distinct advantage over other alternatives because they are fully-customizable. You can plan the layout of your wall and determine the size of every individual piece. This customizability ensures you can create an organic-looking wall of prints where each piece fits perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.

The polycarbonate board used for deluxe prints can be cut down to the required size and shape easily. You can choose the proportions based on the wall’s dimensions and the room’s décor. If you’re uncertain about the layout of photograph shapes, discuss them with an experienced professional. They will look at your room’s images and décor, consider the number of photographs, and then recommend the best layout.

The polycarbonate panel can be cut into different shapes, so you don’t need to stick with the traditional rectangle or square. Some people like whimsical outlines, especially in children’s rooms or nurseries. For example, you can cut the panel to form clouds or hearts to add an interesting touch to a photo wall. The flexibility and customizability of photo deluxe prints make them the ideal choice for all kinds of rooms. Whether you want to place the images above a fireplace or mount them in an office lobby, these prints will be the perfect fit. 

Contact a reliable printing company to know more about photo deluxe prints. You can speak with experts about the dimensions, colors, and style of the photographs to make the print a little more special.