The best way to create a brand impact is to opt for various advertising and marketing mediums. This includes digital as well as conventional marketing. When it comes to the latter, corrugated plastic printing is a great option. 

What Is Corrugated Plastic Printing?

There are many different products on the market, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs. These plastic boards are corrugated and are generally available in 4mm thickness. They are also referred to as fluted plastic or coroplast boards and are useful for all types of businesses.

When it comes to advertising versatility and functionality are key elements of success

What Are Corrugated Plastic Boards?

  • These boards can be used for both indoor and outdoor locations, which means you don’t have to print different ones for various locations.
  • When you have them printed by experts, you can be sure that the board and the printing will be of excellent quality. It helps to create a professional image, which is crucial in a time when competition levels are high.
  • Another distinct benefit of corrugated plastic printing is that they are incredibly cost-effective and will not strain your marketing budget.
  • They’re versatile as you can use them to make fence signs, wall signs, hanging signs, and more.
  • You can affix them on walls or install them on stands or any other place.
  • The material is robust and weather-resistant and makes an excellent medium and short-term outdoor sign option. They last for approximately three to six months in normal weather conditions.

Fluted plastic or corrugated plastic signs are printed on a modern and advanced flatbed printer. It offers outstanding print quality. UV-cured inks are used, and these ensure a great finish with vivid colors. You can use these boards on your commercial premises or as promotional tools at events, trade fairs, conference venues, and more.

As mentioned, you can install them on fencing and use them as teaser ads for various construction projects. If you are looking for high-quality corrugated plastic printing solutions, feel free to contact us with your requirements. Our team is here to help in every way possible.

We will discuss your requirements, understand what your specific branding requirements are, and then offer insights and recommendations. Since these sign will be customized to your needs, you can choose everything from the size, shape, color, design, graphics, as well as the type of placement options.