There’s no question that the pandemic has been tough on students, particularly graduating high school seniors. Not only have seniors had to finish their final year removed from their classmates, but they’ve given up all of the rituals and rites of passage that seniors look forward to since freshman year. Despite the toughest of circumstances, our seniors have prevailed and managed to graduate, and that deserves pomp and circumstance and custom yard signs to celebrate (and embarrass) them with love and pride for the whole neighborhood to see. 

Yard Signs
Congratulate graduating seniors with custom yard signs

Celebratory Graduation Lawn Signs for the Class of 2021

Seniors have given up prom, grad night, senior pranks, homecoming, school plays, competitions, events, and of course, the graduation ceremony due to the pandemic. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Many kids have been classmates and friends since kindergarten, and having the last year ripped away from them is unfair. The best thing we can do is to try to hang on to as many of the traditions as we can, like moving forward with a graduation party, decorating with school colors, and adorning your lawn with custom lawn signs.

Custom Yard Signs

You might not be able to invite the entire senior class to the graduation party, but you can still go big on decorations and food, even if the guest list is limited to your pandemic bubble. Get plenty of decorations that celebrate your seniors! Have banners printed with their name and other graphics relevant to their accomplishments. Customize a graduation lawn sign with photos of your graduate, the school logo or mascot, the school’s name, and any personal message you want. 

RVA can print custom yard signs and banners in any style you want, like the classic A-frame yard sign that is visible from any direction or the step-stake yard sign. For a more wind-resistant product, we recommend the A-frame, but either sign will show your graduations how proud you are of their achievements under challenging circumstances.