Stickers and decals may seem like the same thing, but they serve different purposes. If you want to use these mediums for your business, it is important to understand the distinction. Speak with a printing agency about both of these formats before deciding which one is suitable for your marketing or promotional requirements.

Stickers vs. Decals – What Do You Need? 

It is quite easy to determine what you need for your campaign when you understand the purpose of stickers and decals. Here’s a look at some factors to consider:

  • Purpose – What is the purpose of the sticker or decal? Do you want to give a promotional gift to your customers? In that case, stickers will be more useful. Decals are more suitable for branding and décor. You can place decals on large surfaces to ensure the company logo is more visible.
  • Placement – Consider the placement while trying to decide on stickers vs. decals. Decals are great for walls, stairs, etc. Stickers are ideal for smaller spaces like store windows, doors, or around the checkout counter.
  • Size – Stickers are usually small than decals. If you want a large print of the company logo, consider getting a decal. If you want something small but noticeable, go for a sticker. Large format stickers are ideal for window displays and company cars.

These factors will help a business decide whether they want a sticker or a decal. If you have questions, speak with a printing expert and get their opinion on the matter.

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Consider the Surface

The surface is an important factor to consider while deciding on stickers vs. decals. Some surfaces require tougher and more durable prints. For example, decals aren’t really suitable for rough, uneven surfaces as they distort a picture. Stickers and decals for floors should be able to handle near-constant traffic without sustaining any damage.

Discuss where you want to place a sticker or decal with the printing company. They will use different materials, designs, and technology to ensure the fixture can last for a long time. They may also recommend the best solution for the chosen surface. For example, if you have a plain wall and wish to establish a brand presence, a professional may recommend a colorful decal.

Contact experienced agencies like Keith Fabry if you want to know more about stickers vs. decals. One of our experts will explain the difference between the two options in detail and answer any questions you may have.