Printing quality depends on the graphic’s quality. If a file is wrong or the data inside is incorrect, you won’t get good results. Experts always recommend double-checking your graphics file carefully to ensure everything is accurate before sending it ahead. The printing checklist mentioned below can help. 

Essential Checklist Before Sending Files to The Printer 

There are three important factors you need to check before sending a file off to printing. The company will get back to you if they notice these mistakes, but that will slow the process. Here’s what you should consider: 

  • Is the file in the correct format? – Companies will require specific file formats for different kinds of printing technologies. They will mention the format needed either on their service page or when you place your order. You can also confirm it with their customer service representative before sending the file. 
  • Are you using a high-quality image resolution? – High-resolution images contain more details. They are more saturated, have better contrasts, and include sharp details. As a result, the print quality is also much better. 
  • Did you double-check all spelling and layout? – Make sure all details on the print are accurate. Some printing companies don’t check specifics like spelling and layout, which can lead to an unsatisfactory result.

Add all of these factors to a printing checklist, so it doesn’t slip your mind. It is also a good idea to look at company instructions once again to make sure everything is correct. 

Design Factors to Check 

There are some design issues that your printing service provider may not notice. Here are some details to keep in your printing checklist: 

  • Borders and Edges – Check the borders and edges carefully to ensure words or vital information are always within the frame and won’t be cut off.
  • Font – Make sure the printer uses the correct font, especially if they’re not taking it directly from your file. A wrong font can completely throw off a design.
  • Current Information – Make sure all graphics, logos, and contact information is accurate. Double-check important details like company name, phone number, address, slogan, etc. If you want to announce a sale, mention things like ‘terms and conditions apply’ on the print.

Contact reliable companies like Keith Fabry directly if you want to know more about the printing checklist. They will explain all of their requirements and offer advice on how to get the best results.