As an exhibitor, you know that art direction and display design can make or break your company’s presence at a trade show.  Here are some design tips for creating a successful exhibit:

Essential Design Tips for Trade Show Booths

Interactive trade show booth displays are effective solutions for your business

Ideal Size: The space for trade show displays is not large, so the primary focus should be on highlighting products and branding. The most effective way to do this with a small space is by using backdrops and banners.

Branding:  Make sure the graphics on your booth compliment your brand. If you are using a dominant color, make sure it’s represented throughout the display design.

Style: Your display design should reflect your company’s style. As a rule, avoid overwhelming the viewer with too many materials and elements.

Visibility:  If you are very particular about certain elements in the booth, make sure to use masking tape when setting up your design. Masking tape will prevent damage to walls or carpet when you reposition the materials later.

Durability: Make sure you are using durable materials. If you use non-corrugated cardboard for your booth backdrop, make sure it is a corrugated variety and not flimsy stock paper.

Trade Show Booth Best Practices

Don’t Overcrowd: Oversized banners and materials can make it difficult for attendees to get a good look at your display.

Practice Setting Up: Make sure you aren’t showing up to the trade show unprepared or missing any of the pieces you’ll need.

Create Layers:  A layered booth display with low levels is more attractive, and it’s easier to talk to attendees who are standing in front of your materials.

Be Interactive: Don’t just hand out pamphlets – have staff members present the information.

Make Your Next Trade Show Displays A Success

Follow these design tips for the success of your next trade show displays. Don’t hesitate to contact us at KeithFabry if you need professional assistance with your displays. We can’t wait to help!