Just as their name suggests, outdoor building signs are displayed on your building’s storefront. These could be stand-alone on a pole, on your building, or billboard. These signs help increase awareness about your brand and help market or advertise your business.

Things You Should Consider When Designing Outdoor Building Signs 

There are some things you must consider before designing your outdoor building signs. Here are some of those many points : 

  • Material: The first and foremost point to remember is quality over quantity any day. Make sure the material you choose is weatherproof, sturdy, and cost-effective at the same time.
  • Font: Try to use a font that is classic, clear, and easy to read. Keep the size of the font big so that it is visible even from a distance.
  • Brief: Make your message as short and crisp as possible because long messages are easily skipped and not read.
  • Location: Choose a location that is crowded with the audience your brand targets and make sure your signage stands out from the surroundings.

Consider UV Ink to Keep All Printed Images and Signs

UV ink is a type of ink that is not affected by exposure to UV light. UV printing is a green technology that uses a photochemical process to dry ink instantly after printing. It can be used to print on any non-absorbing material.

There are numerous reasons you should consider using UV ink to print your signs. Listed below are some of them :

  • They are weather-resistant, so they are not prone to fading in the sun; hence, they prove to be a long investment.
  • They are eco-friendly – no emissions.
  • They are resistant to scratches and abrasions and have a glossy, high-quality finish.

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