Annual sales, closing sales, Christmas sales, end-of-season sales, markdowns, new store opening promotions, last chance to buy, auctions, and raffles – all big and small-sized businesses offer a variety of sales and promotions throughout the year. They try to outdo themselves and their competitors every year by using various promotional tools.

Retractable banner stands are an example of such promotional tools. Not only are they mobile, but they can also be easily used in hotels, retail stores, and even outside the entrance of a store for attracting customers. The more quirky, colorful, and attractive they are, the more are the chances of customers noticing, reading, and following up on the offers mentioned on them.

Advantages of Using Retractable Banners:

  • Using<strong> retractable banner stands<strong> for sales and promotions is great to boost your brand

    Portable: Retractable banner stands are easily foldable and can be put away after the event or at the time of closing the business for the day. Moving them from a promotional event to a storage house is easy. They can be stowed away until they are needed again.

  • Affordable: Retractable banner stands are a low-cost promotional tool. Consider them an investment, as they can be used for years, attracting more customers and returning their cost by manifolds.
  • Easy to Update: The printed sheet installed on the stand can be changed as required. The metal stand, if used carefully, can be used for years, with only the banner needing customization as per the event.
  • Customizable: The metal stand can be made in any shape and size according to the business’s requirements. The adjustable height makes them ideal for conferences, events, and festivals.

Display Details

Ideally, your banners should display your company logo, contact details, tag line, and offers along with some graphics to attract potential clients. If you’re in the market for getting retractable banner stands for promoting your business, contact the pros at KeithFabry who can guide you according to your requirements.