We live in a highly digitalized world, which means that almost everything in the corporate space leans heavily on digital mediums. People use various networking gadgets; meetings, notices, contracts are planned, conducted, and finalized online, and sharing of contact information is digitalized.

In spite of this, traditional forms of sharing contact and business information through business cards continues to be an effective and popular practice. There are various material and print options available, and you can pick something that syncs with your corporate and brand image. Select different cards for different levels of executives and employees in your company.

Benefits of Business Cards 

Single or double sided business cards on cardstock in bulk
A creative elegant business card can display a solid professional image of you and your company

There are several benefits to opting for business cards for your organization such as:

  • In every business interaction with clients and customers, your employees need to make an excellent first impression and business cards help in this respect.
  • Digital marketing and paid media have a key role to play in helping you create a solid presence in the market. However, the exchange of business cards at conferences, trade fairs, and other business settings makes a better impact.
  • These cards are incredibly versatile and even though they are compact in size, you can still include a significant amount of information on them. If you need to add more information, select cards with folds.
  • Since you can order business cards in bulk, it becomes an affordable way of reaching wider audiences. This is especially true if you have to hand them out at any promotional events and trade venues.
  • Since business cards are tailored to your needs, you can choose the shape, size, design, number of folds, and paper quality, etc. There are many print options to choose from including mater, glossy, metallic, etc.

Business Card Design Rules 

While using business cards is an effective way to share contact information, you need to select the right ones to make an impact. Some of the crucial design rules to follow include:

  • Choose cards of the right size to accommodate all the necessary information
  • Pick the right base and print colors
  • Include your logo, company name, person’s name, designation, and contact number
  • Keep the design simple and do not overcrowd the card
  • Pick high-quality paper
  • Select spot highlighting and lamination for a unique look

For any information about our business card design and printing services, please contact our experts and discuss your requirements. They will provide you with the best solutions within your budget.