Businesses all over the world use bumper stickers to promote their brand, products, or services. Even professionals and politicians use them to get more visibility or leave an impression in someone’s mind. Good-quality bumper stickers are eye-catching, informative, and can help businesses gain attention from their target audience. You just need to make sure the sticker design is appealing and informative.

Turn Vehicles Into Rolling Billboards 

Small custom printed vinyl sticker decals on vehicle bumperBusiness vehicles can be used as moving billboards that help you gain visibility. If you use a truck or van regularly for work, consider installing bumper stickers on it. People will notice the sticker and retain a strong impression of your brand whenever the vehicle passes them by on the street. You can also give the stickers to customers and associates so they can place them on their car.

If a customer adds these stickers to their car, they are promoting and supporting your brand. It is a clear message of endorsement that others will notice immediately. Word-of-mouth still has the power to sway customer decisions. If someone sees a customer endorsing a brand, they will be more inclined to trust it. That’s one of the reasons why bumper stickers are a worthwhile investment, especially for companies in the automobile industry. Stickers from car washes, garages, detailing agencies, etc., can attract a lot of attention.

How to Design a Bumper Sticker? 

You may be willing to put a sticker on your vehicle, but will your customers do it? The best way to convince them is to make sure the sticker design is visually-appealing or provides some kind of value. Here are some important characteristics you can include in your bumper stickers: 

  • Inviting – Make sure the stickers are inviting and visually-appealing. Choose a modern and relevant design based on your branding to convey a clear message.
  • Bright and Fun – People favor bright and humorous stickers over plain ones. Make sure the stickers are eye-catching and have a funny message. You can ask others for their opinion to ensure the message isn’t offensive to anyone.
  • Legible – Make sure the information on the sticker is legible. The font should be clean, readable, and have good contrast against the background.

Contact a reputable printing company to get the best possible bumper stickers for your establishment. Make sure the company uses the latest printing technology and has a team of design experts overseeing your project. You can ask them for some advice on the design and appearance of your stickers as well.