Regardless of the products or goods you sell, it’s important that you package them well. Adding custom product labels that carry your logo, tag line, and company colors is a good way to use them as marketing tools. Since your packaged products will reach various locations and be displayed on shelves, you can use this opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

Why Opt for Customized Product Labels?

There are several reasons to opt for custom product labels, such as:

·      They are excellent promotional tools.
·      As mentioned, you can add any form of brand information on them and paste them on products and packaging too.
·      These labels come in rolls and individual pieces, and you can order them in bulk, which makes them cost-effective too.
·      Labels lend a professional appearance to your products, making them quickly recognizable.

About Sticker Materials for Product Labels

Just as you would want the right kind of branding and printing on your product labels, you also want them to stick well and suit your purpose and product. These labels can be stuck on various surfaces, including cardboard packaging, plastic, vinyl, shrink-wrap, and more. Using good quality sticker material will ensure that the labels stay where they are meant to, for the duration you need. The different types of product label stickers that you can opt for include:

·      Vinyl Product Labels – Choose between permanent or removable, matte or glossy. Other options include metallic, clear, colored, or white backgrounds. The one you opt for depends on the base on which you will be sticking the labels. These products are easy to apply, outdoor-friendly, and waterproof. They are printed using UV-cured ink that prevents fading. You can apply these labels on curved surfaces too, which is a significant advantage if you have odd-shaped products and packaging.

·      Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) – Available only in a permanent variant and in matte or glossy finishes, application is easy, and they are durable and long-lasting with fade-resistant UV-cured ink. These labels also adhere to curved surfaces very well and are resistant to abrasions, oils, and heat; there are common environmental factors that products and packaging are exposed to during transportation storage and display. They come in quantities up to 50,000, which means they become very cost-effective for you too.

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