Realtors rely heavily on marketing and brand presence to get leads. They need to earn people’s trust to attract clients in a competitive market. This industry has a heavy local presence and requires a more direct approach. Signage is an ideal promotional tool in the real estate field, so professionals should consider investing in good quality, well-designed realtor signs. 

Why Do Realtors Need Signs? 

fluted plastic yard sign with step stakeSigns offer many benefits to professional real estate agents, both for self-promotional and property marketing purposes. Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of realtor signs: 

  • Branding – Agents can install brand identity with logos in their office, in lobbies, at the entrance, and even outside properties they are responsible for. This helps establish a strong brand presence and helps you gain more visibility. 
  • Selling the House – Many prospective buyers drive around neighborhoods they’re interested in to see if there are any houses for sale. You can place a well-designed sign in the front yard to catch their attention. An attractive sign can help bring in more leads and generate more interest. 
  • Growing a Business – Signs can help agencies grow their business and earn people’s trust. For example, if people see a particular realtor’s sign often, they will subconsciously begin to trust the business. If they need to buy or sell a home, that agency will be their first choice. 

It is important to choose a sign design that suits your brand and conveys the right message. Discuss different design options with experienced signage professionals to get good results. 

Types of Signs Suitable for Realtors 

There are many different kinds of signs available today, but not all of them are suitable for real estate agencies. Here are some of the most popular realtor signs to consider:

  • A-Frame Signs – A-frame signs have two faces where you can convey a lot of information. They can be placed in front of an office, property, or inside a home during a viewing event. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes them a versatile option.
  • H-Frame Signs – H-frame signs are very popular in the real estate agency and are often placed outside the property to indicate it is on sale, up for rent, or sold.
  • Classis Post Sign – These signs are a professional and elegant way to display your signs. They are great way to show potential clients if a house is for sale, under contract, or already sold.

Speak with us at Keith Fabry today if you need some advice on realtor signs. Our Experienced professionals will know what kind of signs work well in the real estate industry and recommend solutions accordingly.