Foamcore Board is a very popular type of signage material that you might have seen in various places like malls, trade shows, and more. It’s also widely used in presentation tools. These boards are versatile, lightweight, sturdy, and you can print the content you want on it. This board is also very easy to cut, and you can get them made in the size you want.  While they work great as a presentation tool, you need to hire expert graphic designers who can provide the kind of printing and layouts you want.

Benefits Of Printing Presentation Materials On Large Foamcore.

There are many benefits to opting for foamcore printing, such as:

Foamcore is extremely versatile to work with
  • As a business that is serious about its reputation, you need to use the right kind of presentation tools during office meetings, seminars, conferences, and more. Foarmcore boards are an excellent presentation tool.
  • You can include a number of key ideas on the boards and can opt for tri-fold boards if you like. While most companies use various electronic presentation mediums, these foamcore boards can be used in conjunction with those for a better impact. If you prefer, use them as a standalone visual display.
  • You can present information in different ways- include it in an organized way or randomly, based on the group’s needs. If the presentation is for a small group, you can use the graphics and content on the foamcore board to catalyze interaction and encourage a conversational session.
  • With groups of fewer than five people, you can ask your audience to come closer to the visual, and then convey your information in a conversational style that encourages discussion.

Important Design Considerations 

The only way to get the best out of the foamcore boards is to focus on some crucial design considerations, such as:

  • Choose a board of the right size based on the size of the room and the number of people occupying it.
  • The size of the room will also be the determining factor when it comes to selecting the size of the print.
  • Select the right colors and fonts
  • Include images to convey a more impactful message along with the text you include.
  • Make sure that all the design elements suit your brand image.

Discuss your requirements with the professionals that will be designing and printing the foamcore boards for you. You can contact us and discuss your specific requirements with our creative and knowledgeable team. They will provide you with the best presentation tools solutions.