If you’re launching any new product, a simple marketing material you have to create along are product sell sheets.  

What Are Sell Sheets?

These single-page sheets are a great way to attract the attention of customers. You can distribute them through mail, hand them out at events and trade fairs, or present them at client meetings as well. The objective of sending out sell sheets is to garner the attention and curiosity of the receiver enough to call you to discuss how to further publicize their product. Sell sheets are useful when you are preparing a press/media kit. They are also a useful addition to product marketing plans. When you’re selling a product to distributors and retailers, they need to see all the important details so they can decide whether they want to carry it in their respective stores. 

  • Sell sheets are useful for any industry
  • They are a straightforward way to communicate information about your services to your customers
  • You can print text and images to create the impact you want
  • Distribute these sheets like flyers at any location where you want to offer information about your products, services, company, etc. 

Sell Sheet Designs and Layouts

Designing impactful sell sheets is never a matter of chance, and it’s best to hire the services of a company that provides customized sell sheet designs. They will have detailed discussions with you to understand what your specific preferences are before coming up with designs that work best for you. However, it’s also good for you to have some basic information about how sell sheets should be designed:

  • While designing your sell sheets, make sure that the font is legible.
  • The layout should not be cluttered
  • Include all the relevant information in the sell sheet, including full-color images of the product from multiple angles
  • List the specifications and the benefits and features of the product.
  • Add the product item number, SKU or UPC
  • Include the right proportion of data and visuals so that the message is conveyed correctly to your audience.

If you want impactful sell sheets, you need the creativity and skill of experienced professionals. For the best services, please contact us, and we will ensure you get high-quality sheets that encompass the information you want printed on them. Our experts will take the time to understand your requirements, offer their input and insight so that your sell sheets are truly unique, and serve the purpose you print them for. Opt for good quality paper and printing as that’s a good way to showcase your product in the best light.