It should come as no surprise that the take-out industry has increased dramatically since 2020. However, with increased demand comes increased competition. It’s time to take a look at your menu and create a separate menu for take out and delivery. Once you have your menu, it’s time to print high-quality take out menus to boost your business.

Creating a Take Out Menu

High-Quality Take Out Menus
Design and <strong>print high quality take out menus<strong>

If you’re new to the restaurant business or you’re just starting to offer take out and delivery, the first step is to look at your dining-in menu and decide what starters, apps, main courses, and desserts you offer for delivery. The take out menu should be separate from your main menu.

Choosing Items for Your Take Out Menu

While we’re sure you put creativity and love into every dish, some travel better than others, and some are more popular. It’s okay to separate out your favorite dishes. It doesn’t mean that the other dishes aren’t great, it just means that they are not conducive to packaging, carrying, and delivering. 

Consider items that are popular with your customers. You may not be able to offer all of your dishes, but find a way to make your most popular dishes take out friendly or simplify a dish to make it easier to wrap up and take out. 

Designing Your Take Out Menu

Let’s get the obvious out of the way; front and center should be your logo, restaurant name, location, and contact information. 

Now for the fun and creative part – delicious, high-quality photos with craveable descriptions of each dish. If you have high-quality photos, by all means, use them, but make sure that they put your dish in the best light possible. Some dishes, although delicious, aren’t always photogenic. Since we eat with our eyes first, a great staged photo of your dishes can be great for business. However, if you don’t have good photos, don’t use them – find other creative ways to make your menu craveable. 

Use Brand Identifiers

Use brand identifiers, like a signature color palette, font, tone, and language. Keep it simple; people who are order take out want it quick and fast, so make sure that your menu is easy to skim and read. 

Infuse some brand personality, but keep it simple and to the point. 

Print Custom High-Quality Take Out Menus 

Once you have the design, we can help you print large orders of your take out menus so you can spread the word about your new delivery services and introduce yourself to the neighborhood. If you’re stuck on a design, we can help with that, as well. 

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