If you want to display a beloved photo or artwork, it is important to frame them properly. A canvas gallery wrap is a great solution because it looks modern and elegant. It gives the artwork a seamless appearance that consumers appreciate. However, this process should be handled with care as poorly wrapped images can look warped and distorted. 

What are Canvas Gallery Wraps? 

Canvas gallery wrapping is the process of wrapping a printed canvas over a stretcher. The stretcher is usually made of wood, which helps keep the artwork stable. This style of wrapping is different from others because it gives an image a smooth, minimalist feel that modern viewers appreciate. You can’t see any portion of the stretcher bars or the support system once the piece is ready. This clean and elegant appearance has made canvas gallery wrap a very popular process. 

Benefits of Canvas Gallery Wraps 

Canvas Gallery Wraps and Photography

Canvas gallery wraps have several benefits that make them a great choice for displaying your artwork or prints. Here’s a look at some of their most important benefits:

  • Economical – Gallery wraps are more economical than traditional framing solutions. They require less wood and work, which means professionals can get them done quickly.
  • Eco-Friendly – Gallery wraps are eco-friendly because they use less material. You can use recycled wood, nails, and staples to create the entire structure. There’s no need for chemical varnishes or plastics that are found in typical frames.
  • Timeless Appeal – Canvas gallery wraps have a timeline appeal and are very versatile. You can hang them in your office, bedroom, over the mantle, in commercial areas, etc.
  • Display Options – You can hang the piece on walls or use them as a 360-degree museum-style display. The versatility in display options makes gallery wraps a great choice for business and retail environments.
  • No Glare – There’s no glass or plastic cover over the canvas, which means people can see the print or artwork without any distractions. The glass or plastic covering requires a full-frame and can’t be mounted on a canvas gallery wrap.

Make sure you choose the right signage company for the wrap. They should have the skill and experience needed to mount the canvas on a stretcher carefully and efficiently. 

Contact a local signage company if you want to know more about a canvas gallery wrap. They will listen to your requirements, look at your branding material, and recommend the best solutions. Look for signage companies that use the best possible printing technology and have a good industry reputation.